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Fellowship of the Burning Heart - Tozer

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This book contains:

Rare material, never before published.

Selected, transcribed, edited sermons delivered by Tozer.

BONUS: Contains In Pursuit of God, Christianity Today "Readers' Choice Award" winning biography of A. W. Tozer by James L. Snyder.

Audio download of Tozer in the pulpit.

Viewed by his contemporaries as a preacher and writer with a prophetic edge, Tozer had a powerful effect on people. James Snyder has done a masterful job of selecting and transcribing sermons from his private collection of rare recordings, and has also captured Tozer, the man, in a biography laced with anecdotes and personal material that only a seasoned researcher could find.

Contains illustrations, index, Scriptural references.

James L. Snyder is an award-winning author and Tozer scholar who lives in Florida, where he and his wife work in The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. He is a practicing pastor and author of In Pursuit of God - The Life of A.W. Tozer, Romance Around a Parsonage Fireplace, Christmas Through a Parsonage Window, I Hate My Computer (and Other Inspirational Thoughts), Paul Rader: Portrait of an Evangelist, and You Can Always Tell A Pastor (But Not Very Much).