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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

The Influential Mentor - Maina Mwaura

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Lessons from the legacy of beloved Prof Howard Hendricks 

Over the span of four years, journalist Maina Mwaura noticed an intriguing pattern while interviewing hundreds of prominent leaders: many of them were deeply shaped by longtime Dallas Theological Seminary professor Howard Hendricks. The Influential Mentor tells the story of Hendricks’ life while capturing his visionary character and leadership legacy. Hendricks, like all of us, struggled. He overcame a difficult childhood and battled depression. Parenting was a challenge. Yet he got up every week for sixty years to teach and mentor with incredible zeal and humility. This book combines the reality of struggle with the audacity of faith to empower others to lead in a manner worthy of Jesus Christ and His gospel. 

But at its heart, this is a book about more than Howard Hendricks. It’s about well-tested methods that have shaped a movement—methods that will help today’s leaders weather cultural storms and be more effective. In a time where division seems the norm, renowned “Prof” Hendricks imparts a unifying influence. Mwaura shares interviews with Tony Evans, Robert Jeffress, Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Gene Getz, Andy Stanley, Jennie Allen, and more—each testifying to a life of spiritual, emotional, and physical perseverance. 

As Christians apply the lessons of Prof Hendricks’ life, they too will be encouraged and strengthened to be a person of great influence for the cause of Christ! The Influential Mentor highlights the leadership success of a contemporary giant of the faith, while inspiring Christians toward the same faithful endeavor.