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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

The Heart of Remarriage - Gary Smalley & Greg Smalley

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Bestselling Authors and Counselors Help Remarried Couples Grow and Strengthen Their Families

Too often, couples enter remarriage unaware of and unprepared for the challenges stepfamily life will bring. 
The Heart of Remarriage helps couples heal from the inside out rather than offering surface suggestions that may change circumstances but not the lives of couples and their families.

Drs. Gary and Greg Smalley partner with remarried couple Dan and Marci Cretsinger to offer a marriage-changing idea: No matter what circumstances or challenges a remarried couple and their stepfamily face, the solution starts in their hearts. Couples will learn how to examine their own hearts and heal them from past hurts, so they can be filled with God's love. 
The Heart of Remarriage teaches readers how to create emotional security for every family member and offers practical ideas for connecting at the heart level with their spouse and children.