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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!


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With Millennial and Generation Z women coming of age in our churches and society, new approaches to women's ministry are required to meet their distinct needs. Drawing on decades of experience ministering to women, authors Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews explain how their Transformation Model can energize women's ministry for all generations and in multiple settings. Individual chapters are devoted to applying the Model, which is centered on Scripture and building relationships, to ministry in the local church, the college campus, and cross-culturally in missions.

Organic Ministry to Women is packed with practical advice and real-life illustrations of how to implement the principles of the Transformation Model. Edwards and Mathews also profile numerous leading women's ministers like Jen Wilkin, Priscilla Shirer, and Jackie Hill-Perry, drawing wisdom and inspiration from their lives and ministries. Helpful appendixes provide additional resources including sample job descriptions for ministry leaders, a Bible study lesson, and a training guide for small group leaders.

A revised and expanded version of 
New Doors in Ministry to Women, this updated edition takes into account the latest cultural and ministry trends and is an invaluable resource for current and future leaders in ministry to women.

"As a mentor of young women both in the corporate world and the church, I've discipled women in a variety of settings―the local coffee shop, the boardroom, my kitchen table, via video chat, and the typical Sunday school classroom. Except for the latter, how I minister looks nothing like how my grandmother did women's ministry. The postmodern woman no longer fits into a simple and neat, descriptive box. She juggles more than her predecessors and craves, even demands, authenticity. 
Organic Ministry to Women is a much-needed resource helping pastoral leaders transform their methods of discipleship from the antiquated ways of their youth to what’s relevant and needed for the postmodern woman today." --Karla D. Zazueta, discipleship leader, blogger, and author