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No Such Thing as Can’t, Sexton and Sexton

by Tyndale
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He was told that “no one wants a doctor with a disability,” but God had other plans

At a young age, most kids think about getting good grades, earning sports trophies, and gaining their parents’ approval. However, some wish to achieve all of this on top of having a physical or mental disability.

No Such Thing as Can’t is the inspiring story of Tyler Sexton and how he didn’t let his disability hold him back from achieving his goals. Tyler faithfully followed God’s plan to become a pediatrician despite having cerebral palsy. He endured multiple surgeries, hours of physical therapy, and countless bullies throughout his schooling.

Through it all, he persevered to become a pediatrician just like the ones he had always looked up to. As a doctor, he is now able to give back to those who face the same difficulties he does and spread awareness of cerebral palsy while sharing God’s Word.

No Such Thing as Can’t dives into
  • A difficult journey of parenting a child with a disability
  • The inspiring story of a boy who overcame the odds, and a mother who gave her all to be there for him
  • How to stay faithful to God when you question his plan for you
  • A testament to always stay true to the Lord and trust He will always provide