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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

Know What You Signed Up For - Megan B Brown

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A field guide for military spouses who did not know what they'd signed up for.

“You knew what you signed up for!” Megan B. Brown has heard that hint of condescension more times than she cares to remember. But did she? Honestly, no. She fell in love with a military man and had dreams of adventure.

In much the same way, when we surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ, we really had no idea what we were “signing up for.” We were probably so overwhelmed by His love; we weren’t necessarily focused on the sacrifices that would follow.

Five moves. Ten different houses. Four children. Two deployments to combat zones. Megan has discovered that this lifestyle takes its toll.  She has sacrificed jobs, communities, friendships, and personal dreams. She has comforted children who’ve cried themselves to sleep over missing their father. She has bravely stood in the gap when her husband had boots on the ground somewhere else.

In Know What You Signed Up For, Megan helps military spouses see that we’re right where we’re supposed to be—chosen for this specific time and place. We’ll find life in our roles as military spouses, mothers—or spiritual mothers. We’ll discover the passion of the gospel, the wisdom held in God’s Word, and the strengthening of His church. We’ll hear His call to be radically hospitable and unconditionally loving. Together, we’ll see what it means to follow Jesus, love people, and live on mission.