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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

He Loved Them - Jessica Thompson

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Downcast, Dejected—even the Dead—find themselves in the wake of Jesus’ love.

Just who exactly did Jesus love? Author Jessica Thompson intimately engages the gospel narratives and helps the reader explore who and how Jesus loves. What does Jesus have to say to the Doubter or the Denier? How does he address the Discouraged, the Fearful, or the Outcast? Have you ever felt Forgotten or Faint-hearted? Ever needed Spiritual or Physical healing? He Loved Them shows the interactions of Jesus with real people who have real needs, struggles, and pain.  

As we contemplate Jesus’ heart and actions toward the lost and brokenhearted characters in the Bible, we begin to know more fully how God feels toward us—we experience how Jesus comes alongside and loves us in our own doubt, fears, and need for healing. Thompson begins this journey with the humanity of Jesus. She explores Jesus’ relationship with the Father and with creation. She looks in depth at how He Loved Them and joins the biblical stories to how he loves you!