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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!
Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

DEFINED: How God Has Identified You Bible Study Book

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Original price $16.99
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Inspired by the Kendrick brothers’ Overcomer movie and written by the #1 New York Times best-selling author team, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, comes an exciting new Bible study resource about discovering your God-given identity and embracing the wonder of who you were created to be. This women’s and men’s Bible study book is great for adult group studies. 

When you introduce yourself to someone for the first time, you have an opportunity to define yourself. You disclose your name, profession, and interests. These factors help our culture define us, but are those answers enough? People are struggling in ten thousand ways because of identity issues. They can’t help but ask, who am I? and why do I matter? Can our culture really provide meaningful answers to those questions, or do we need something deeper and more significant?

Before asking, who am I? we need to be able to answer, who is God?  If we can’t answer the first question, we will never answer the second. The problem with our search for identity is that we are looking in all the wrong places. Scripture teaches that we are all made in the image of God. We do not define ourselves—the Creator does. Once those answers are clear, we can move forward and discover all God has called us to be.

Sessions Include:

1. Uniquely Created by God
2. Uniquely Broken by Sin
3. Transformed by the Gospel
4. Who We Are in Christ
5. What We Have in Christ
6. Living Out Our Identity
7. Walking in the Spirit
8. Walking in Mission

Features Include:

  • Videos featuring Alex and Stephen Kendrick  
  • Eight small-group sessions and Bible study lessons
  • Applicable Scripture
  • Personal-study opportunities
  • Leader guides
  • “How to Use this Study”
  • Family-discipleship page


  • Answer the questions “Who is God?” and “Who am I?”
  • Define yourself by God’s standard
  • Learn how sin has uniquely broken you
  • Discover how you can be transformed by the gospel of Christ
  • Understand what it means to be created for good works
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the Book of Ephesians