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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

Can You Stand to be Blessed Original Version- JAKES

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This book will release the hidden strength within you to go on in God, fulfilling the destiny He has for you. The way to this success is full of twists and turns, yet you can make it through to incredible blessing in your life. The only question left will be, Can You Stand to be Blessed?

See Yourself as Blessed in Every Season of Life
We all want to be blessed. We desire health, happiness, promotion, joy, financial security, peace, good relationships, and every quality signifying that blessing and abundance are flowing in our lives.

So how do you continue to live blessed even when you are going through life’s valleys?

Everyone faces difficult times—seasons where we don’t feel blessed. God wants to mold and shape you into a person who sees yourself as blessed, not because of your circumstances, but because this is your God-assigned identity!

In this classic book from Bishop T.D. Jakes, you will discover how to:

  • walk in a blessed identity, no matter what season or circumstance comes your way.
  • unlock inner strength to persevere, even when you feel like you can no longer go on.
  • exchange your stress and worry for gratitude and thanksgiving.
  • become a person God can trust with Heaven’s blessing and abundance.

Whether you are standing on the highest peak of victory, or feel like you are sinking into the valley of trial, once you start to see yourself as blessed, you will be positioned to thrive in every season!