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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!


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For some people, unwanted thoughts are a nagging discomfort.
Others experience them as a brutal and invisible form of torture.
Are you distracted by racing or anxious thoughts? Distressed by
intrusive or irrational thoughts? Struggling with sinful or untrue
thoughts? You may feel trapped in your own head, but God has
given you many different ways to calm your mind and live at peace.
In this practical and sympathetic guidebook, biblical counselor
Esther Smith lays out twelve powerful strategies for addressing
unwanted thoughts. You will learn which thoughts to fight and
take captive—and which thoughts to slow down, set aside, sit with,
and more. As you get to know your thoughts, observing them
rather than being swept away by them, you will learn how to bring
them into God’s presence in an intentional, life-giving way. A
variety of simple and effective exercises in each chapter give you
the tools you need to start changing your thoughts today