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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!
Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

Veritas Coloring Pencils Cylinder - Set of 48

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The 48-piece Set Veritas Coloring Pencils in Cylinder is for the serious artist or crafter in your life. 

The 48 assorted colored pencils include the most commonly used colors, but also include gold and silver. The colors are listed below.  The Pantone number appears in brackets.

  1. Cerulean Blue 
  2. Blush 
  3. Prussian Blue 
  4. Moss Green 
  5. Lemon Yellow 
  6. Warm Grey 
  7. Burnt Ochre 
  8. Vermilion 
  9. Jade 
  10. Carmine 
  11. Red 
  12. Vandyke Brown 
  13. White 
  14. Purple 
  15. Light Blue 
  16. Yellow Green 
  17. Hot Pink
  18. Brown 
  19. Orange 
  20. Yellow 
  21. Black 
  22. Blue 
  23. Green 
  24. Violet 
  25. Kingfisher Blue 
  26. Light Grey 
  27. Dark Chocolate
  28. Burnt Sienna
  29. Bark 
  30. Brown Ochre 
  31. Light Ochre 
  32. Lime Green 
  33. Teal Green 
  34. Olive Green
  35. Peppermint 
  36. Gold
  37. Silver 
  38. Smyrna Blue
  39. Ultramarine 
  40. Red Violet
  41. Maroon 
  42. Lavender 
  43. Salmon 
  44. Pink 
  45. Tangerine
  46. Sand 
  47. Blue Grey 
  48. Viridian

A metal pencil sharpener is included for your convenience. The Veritas Coloring Pencils are non-toxic and will not break easily. The thicker waxy lead resists breakage. The 48 coloring pencils and the metal sharpener are all packaged together in a cylinder to keep them in one place. 

The pencils have smooth barrels made from incense cedarwood, and the lead applies smoothly in solid lines. The wide variety of colors will set your imagination free to create new hues and shades. Blend colors to your heart's delight, and when you need to sharpen a pencil, simply reach for the metal sharpener nestled in the lid.

The 48-piece Veritas Coloring Pencil Set will be your go-to medium for creating masterpieces, but you can also use it for Bible Journaling or coloring with the children. Let the creativity start with the 48-piece Veritas Coloring Pencils Set! 

  • 48 Colored Pencils 
  • Incense-cedar Wood 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Vivid Colors 
  • Smooth and Solid Lines 
  • Smooth Shading and Blending 
  • Thicker Wax-based Lead 
  • No Lead Breakage 
  • Cylinder Tube for Storage 
  • Cylinder Dimensions: 7.7" x 2.6" (196 x 60mm)