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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens - Participant's Guide

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Techie? Jock? Class Clown? You Can't Build a Life on a Label. Something or someone will always try to define you. Maybe others call you the techie, the jock, the class clown, or the smart kid.

It's easy to think that those labels sum up who you really are, express what really matters in your life, and define the things you should pursue. But your identity goes far deeper than the positive or even the negative labels people use to define you. There is something at the core of a satisfying and meaningful life that can't be summed up by any label.

The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens offers you the chance to center your life on the only thing in the universe that actually has the power to define you, give your life meaning, and shape how you live each day.

This 9-lesson Bible study, adapted from The Gospel-Centered Life by Bob Thune and Will Walker, gives teens and young adults a road map for living a life centered on God and the gospel. Each lesson is self-contained, featuring clear teaching from Christian Scripture, and requires no extra work outside the group setting. The self-explanatory Leader's Guide helps small group leaders with discussion questions and background material that clearly explain and apply the gospel truths from each lesson.

This nine-lesson small group study defining and applying the gospel in a teen-friendly way is adapted from Thune and Walker's best-selling book The Gospel-Centered Life. It is appropriate for believers and non-believers alike, with self-contained lessons and clear teaching from Christian Scripture making it easy-to-use and requiring no homework. The Gospel Centered Life For Teens brings teenagers together, making community the context for gospel change.
The self-explanatory Leader's Guide contains discussion questions and background material for each lesson.