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The Glory of Heaven 2nd Ed Rev PB - John MacArthur

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What the Bible Has to Say about Heaven from Pastor John MacArthur, Now in Paperback 

A number of recent New York Times bestsellers have readers thinking about the reality of heaven. Yet their pictures of life in heaven cover the range from comical to curious, from mystical to fictitious—with maybe some biblical truth thrown in. But if heaven is in our future, we really need to know more about what lies ahead—more about what’s real and what’s not. Now in paperback, pastor John MacArthur takes us through the pages of Scripture, exploring the wonders of heaven, angels, and eternal life.

  • Written by John MacArthur: Written by a pastor with decades of experience shepherding God’s people and teaching from his word
  • Examines the Truth about Heaven: Replaces cultural ideas with biblical truth
  • Now in Paperback