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Pollution and the Death of Man - Francis A. Schaeffer and Udo W. Middlemann

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Francis A. Schaeffer’s Timeless Assessment of a Modern Ecological Crisis 

The earth is home to 7.8 billion people. As this number grows, so does the awareness of a seemingly endless list of environmental concerns threatening their existence—landfills, off-shore spills, toxic wastes, population explosion, and ozone depletion. As each of these concerns are a threat to humanity, how should Christians respond?

Pollution and the Death of Man by Francis A. Schaeffer was first written in 1970, yet it remains relevant as the ecological threats of Schaeffer’s day continue to pose challenges today. Schaeffer studies these contemporary ecological crises through the lens of theology and Scripture, arguing that Christians must return to a profoundly biblical understanding of God’s relationship to the earth and his divine mandate to exercise godly dominion over it.

  • A Christian Classic: Written by renowned philosopher Francis A. Schaeffer
  • Cultural Analysis from a Biblical Perspective: Looks at modern ecological threats through the lens of theology and Scripture
  • Educational: Includes appendices on “The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis” by the late American historian Lynn White Jr. and “Why Worry About Nature?” by the late sociologist Richard L. Means