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Leadership begins at the feet of Jesus.

Division. Disagreement. Tension. Whether, you’re describing the first century or today, the adjectives remain the same. How can we learn to lead, influence, and shine like stars in such a divided culture? Paul’s letter to the Philippians offers a great place to begin.

This seven-session Bible study dives deeply into this love letter to a people the apostle poured his heart and soul into. It will give you fresh insight into familiar verses and point you to the path of real influence. And it all starts at the feet of Jesus. 

Additional purchase of the video teaching sessions is recommended for the best experience of this Bible study book.


  • Interactive teaching videos featuring Brent Crowe and interviews with some of today's most successful leaders; approximately 10-15 minutes for each session—available separately
  • Leader Guide in the back of the book to guide questions and discussion with small groups
  • Personal study segments in the Bible study book to complete between group sessions
  • 7 group sessions, 7 weeks of homework
  • Promotional content including Bible study promotional video
  • Social media assets for the group leader


  • Learn from successful leaders, both past and present.
  • Discover that leadership is about our identity as followers of Christ.
  • Examine the life and leadership of the apostle Paul, exploring key elements of Christ-like leadership.
  • Recognize your own influence and leadership potential, understand what it truly means to lead others, and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Video Sessions:
  • Session 1: The Art of Initiative and Gratitude (10:51)—In this introductory session, Brent introduces the study, explaining the background of the letter to the Philippians and how it shapes the narrative of this study. Many of the issues they faced in the first century we continue to deal with today. This session helps set the stage for the remaining six sessions. 
  • Session 2: The Excellent, Bold, Optimistic Leader  (14:52)—In Session 2, Brent interviews Chaplain Barry Black, the first African American chaplain for the US Senate. They discuss what excellence, boldness, and optimism look like and how he has both modeled these traits and seen them exhibited throughout his career.
  • Session 3: Humility (13:04)— In Session 3, Brent chats with Colonel Kim Pool, a retired Marine and leader in some of the most important military conflicts of the last 30 years. Col. Poole and Brent discuss humility and its importance in both leadership and everyday living. 
  • Session 4: Countercultural Success (15:56)—In Session 4, Brent sits down with Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel Ruth Wright to discuss the topic of countercultural success. In their conversation it is revealed that success isn’t what God wants from us, it’s faithfulness He desires. 
  • Session 5: Empowerment (15:23)—In Session 5, Brent has a conversation with Dr. Michael Catt about empowerment. If not for his desire to empower others to live and lead out of their strengths, millions would never have been impacted by the films Sherwood Baptist Church has produced over the last 20 years.
  • Session 6: The Myth of Confidence​ (13:59)—In Session 6, Brent learns from activist Wendy Wright some of the truths of rightly placed confidence. When your goal is to know Jesus, your confidence is in the right place and the myth of self-confidence is exposed. 
  • Session 7: An Ethic of Thinking Well​ (14:57)—In Session 7, the final session of this study, Brent interviews legendary Basketball General Manager, Pat Williams. In their conversation they talk about the ethic of thinking well. What our thoughts dwell on is vital to our influence and leadership.