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The Gospel Coalition 2022 Book Award Winner: Missions and the Global Church

Christianity Today 2023 Book Award Winner: Missions and the Global Church

Avoid "Get-Rich-Quick" Missions Strategies and Invest in Effective, Long-Term Ministry
Trendy new missions strategies are everywhere, promising missionaries monumental results in record time. These strategies report explosive movements of people turning to Christ, but their claims are often dubious and they do little to ensure the health of believers or churches that remain. How can churches and missionaries address the urgent need to reach unreached people without falling for quick fixes?
No Shortcut to Success, author and missionary Matt Rhodes implores Christians to stop chasing silver-bullet strategies and short-term missions, and instead embrace theologically robust and historically demonstrated methods of evangelism and discipleship―the same ones used by historic figures such as William Carey and Adoniram Judson. These great missionaries didn't rush evangelism; they spent time studying Scripture, mastering foreign languages, and building long-term relationships. Rhodes explains that modern missionaries' emphasis on minimal training and quick conversions can result in slipshod evangelism that harms the communities they intend to help. He also warns against underestimating the value of individual skill and effort―under the guise of "getting out of the Lord's way"―and empowers Christians with practical, biblical steps to proactively engage unreached groups.

  • Biblical Ministry Advice: Examines the work of respected missionaries throughout history
  • Encourages Professionalism in Missions: Rhodes teaches missionaries to invest in theological education, communication, and technical skills
  • A Great Resource for Ministries: Includes specific advice for singles, parents, and other groups
  • Insightful: Examines strengths and weaknesses of recent missionary movements