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Learn What It Will Take to Accomplish Christ’s Mission in Our Lifetime

As a model for Christian missions, the apostle Paul is praised for his sense of urgency when proclaiming the gospel, but are modern churches missing his broader motivation? Paul didn’t view missions as simply accomplishing a goal; he valued affirmation from God, seeking it fervently in every area of his ministry. How can churches today emulate that ambition in their own mission efforts?

In Mission Affirmed, author and missionary Elliot Clark seeks to shift the focus of ministries from mere efficiency to Christ-centered service that prioritizes the will and approval of God. By studying Paul’s ministry, particularly in 2 Corinthians, readers learn that his motivation wasn’t dependent on circumstances but on the Spirit, helping him remain faithful despite suffering and setbacks. This book equips local churches in the same way as they send missionaries into the field, serving together and stewarding the gospel in pursuit of God’s praise.

  • Biblical Ministry Advice: Provides a holistic look at Paul’s ministry, methods, and motivation 
  • A Great Resource for Church Leaders: Helps churches vet and send missionaries 
  • First-Hand Ministry Insights: Provides a practical solution for common weaknesses in modern missions, with descriptive examples from the author’s experiences as a missionary
  • Published in Conjunction with the Gospel Coalition (TGC)