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Is God Really Sovereign? - Conrad Mbewe

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A Short Introduction to the Sovereignty of God for the Christian Life

God’s sovereignty is difficult for most people to wrap their minds around even when they’re not going through difficult times; the topic raises many questions about salvation, evangelism, sin, and suffering. But when difficult circumstances arise, many believers ask, “Is God really in control?” 

In this addition to the Church Questions series, pastor Conrad Mbewe explains the Bible’s teaching on God’s sovereignty and addresses the common questions that it raises. He shows how it affects one’s outlook on salvation, suffering, prayer, and worship in the Christian life. This short and accessible work is ideal for anyone currently struggling with the sovereignty of God or for new Christians wanting to learn more about God’s sovereignty. 

  • Part of the Church Questions Series: Developed to give biblical insight into common questions 
  • Global Perspective: Written by Zambian author and pastor Conrad Mbewe 
  • Useful for Seekers: Accessible for those new to faith or looking to learn more