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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

How to Stay Standing - Alli Patterson

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Trouble in life is inevitable. Collapse is not.

You want to live a "good life" and be a "good person," but life can shift right under your feet and get messy and unpredictable. How do you stay strong and hopeful when you see cracks forming in your relationships, at work, or even in your own character? Is your faith strong enough to help you stand when life tries to knock you down?

How to Stay Standing, Alli Patterson will show you how to build a faith that can withstand anything the world throws at it. Drawing insight from the parable of the wise and foolish builders, Alli helps you get honest about the foundation you are building on and offers three simple rhythms revealed from the words of Jesus--comehearpractice--that will produce a faith that cannot be shaken and a life that stands firm.

You already know the place in your life where something is just not working right now. But the next storm doesn't have to take you down. The waters may be rising, but Jesus left you the wisdom and practical help you need to stay standing.

"Alli Patterson's contagious joy and generous spirit make her a trusted guide through Scripture to help you build a life--and faith--that can stand against anything."--Lisa Harper, speaker, Bible teacher, and bestselling author of Life 100 Day Devotional