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How to Resurrect a Dead Prayer Life - Bill Thrasher

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The battle for prayer—transforming drudgery into joy and life-giving intimacy with God. 

We know that prayer is important—it’s the lifeblood of the Christian life. But almost all believers find prayer to be hard. We can experience discouragement or disillusionment in our prayer lives. We get distracted and disheartened.

What can we do if we’re in a season of drought or have never experienced a rich life of prayer? And how can we sustain a meaningful and lifegiving prayer ministry? Dr. Bill Thrasher—teacher, father, and husband—shares clear and applicable steps to invigorate or jumpstart a life of prayer. In How to Resurrect a Dead Prayer Life, Thrasher helps us answer important questions:

  • How do you identify a dead prayer life?
  • How can a worried and frantic life begin to enjoy God’s presence and peace?
  • How can you reach heaven when you don’t know what to pray?
  • How can times of despair be transformed into prayers that even affect future generations?
  • How can you get in touch with the deep concerns of your heart?
  • How can your greatest struggle spur effective prayers that defeat the Evil One?
  • How does the Spirit motivate and guide our prayers?

This book seeks to resurrect and revive our prayer life into one that God uses to restore His people to the place of His blessing. Begin to breathe again as you offer your heart, desires, and disappointments to the God who loves to listen and respond to you.