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From the Manger to the Throne - Benjamin Gladd

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An Introduction to the Dominant Biblical-Theological Themes of the Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke is a wonderfully detailed account of the ministry and miracles of Jesus Christ. What many readers don’t realize is that Luke, who was likely a Gentile, wrote his Gospel with a thorough knowledge of the Old Testament―pointing to Jesus’s life, ministry, and death as the culmination of Old Testament expectations and prophecy. 

In this addition to the New Testament Theology series, Benjamin L. Gladd explains the dominant biblical-theological themes in the Gospel of Luke, including the defeat of evil, peace in heaven and earth, the incorporation of the nations, and the kingdom of God. This resource is perfect for those looking to dig deeper into studying the interconnectedness of Scripture. 

  • For Those Interested in Biblical Theology: Ideal for college and seminary students, laypeople, and pastors 
  • Helpful Bible Study Resource: A great companion to commentaries on Luke 
  • Part of the New Testament Theology Series: Other volumes include The Joy of Hearing: A Theology of the Book of Revelation and The Mission of the Triune God: A Theology of Acts