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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!
Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

Finding God in the Land of Narnia

by Tyndale
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“Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story . . .”

Bestselling authors Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware (Finding God in The Lord of the Rings) once again explore a world of fantasy to reveal what C. S. Lewis called “the Great Story” hidden within. For more than 70 years, adults and children alike have stepped through the wardrobe, and their imaginations have been baptized in Lewis’s mystical world of wonder and enchantment. Lewis fans will love the many surprising insights the authors uncover, and parents will discover new ways to show their children God’s character and presence in their lives.

With more than 100 million copies sold, The Chronicles of Narnia capture more imaginations today than ever before. In Finding God in the Land of Narnia, you’ll see how Lewis expertly wraps spiritual truths into his classic tales, and you’ll discover the truth of what the great Lion, Aslan, says about our brief sojourn through Narnia: “By knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.”

Now updated to include a group discussion guide!