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“The whole book is…a mere effort to arouse the average Christian worker to study the wealth of Scripture, and to become better equipped for dividing the Word of Truth.”

This simple ending to Biblical Psychology by Oswald Chambers—one of the few books the author saw in print before his death in 1917 at age 43—represents the humble intentions and mighty effects of all the more than two dozen titles that now bear his name.

In this pioneering work, Chambers looks deeply at the theology of the soul. Basing his teaching on the foundation that God created people as relational creatures, Chambers looks at the psychology of man’s inner life and how he relates to God, to others, and to himself. He explores the moral dilemmas and emotional complexities Christians face as they try to reconcile their faith with a world full of fear, anger, shame, and selfishness; and he offers scriptural answers for these struggles.

Here we see Chambers’ acute mind at work, sorting through Scripture and what God reveals there about the heart, soul, and spirit of people, and the effect redemption has on us and our relationship to God.