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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!


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Contemporary society is fascinated by angels . . .

. . . but perceptions often fall short of reality—perceptions twisted to fit the agenda of New Age and other philosophies. Angels: Elect and Evil clearly presents answers based in Scripture.

Recently updated and expanded, this book presents a clear description of the angels and demons who exist under the power and authority of the almighty God. Angelology expert Dr. C. Fred Dickason carefully guides you through an examination of the spirit world—providing answers to some fascinating questions:

  • What are angels like?
  • What kinds are there?
  • How do angels serve God and us?
  • Are there evil angels?
  • What power or dominion do demons have in our world?

This study will sharpen your understanding of the spirit battle we face every day. And it will reassure you that God prevails!