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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

A Single Life to Live - Hannah Schermerhorn

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A single life is a life worth living--and it's worth living well

God has a great life all planned out for you. What you may not realize if you're single is that you're already living it. Right now. Today. Your God-designed life doesn't start when you say "I do" or when you get engaged or even when you meet "the one." It's been happening as long as you've been alive--even if you're still single and wish you weren't.

Hannah Schermerhorn knows exactly what it's like. She was months away from getting married when her wedding was called off. She absolutely loathed being single again, but in the following years, God taught her many hard lessons that transformed her bitterness to authentic joy.

Drawing from the diverse experiences of single people in the Bible, Hannah debunks common myths and misunderstandings about singleness, including the pervasive feeling that a person can't really begin their life until they're married. If you are lonely, hopeless, or impatient, let Hannah be your guide through the internal battles and external pressures you're facing.

God has a special purpose for singleness, whether it lasts for only a season or your whole life. Let Hannah help you discover God's best for you in your single life.