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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

1 Corinthians: Godly Solutions for Church Problems by John F. MacArthur (MacArthur Bible Studies)

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As the gospel spreads to the far corners of the earth, the apostle Paul is under mounting pressure to provide direction to maturing churches before they go astray. It's with this urgency that Paul covers many topics that are especially relevant in today's society.

Pastor John MacArthur will take you through the first letter to the church in Corinth to show how this church in particular allowed their worldliness to affect the church's priority of spreading the gospel—and how Paul's response gives Christians black-and-white boundaries in a gray world.

As Paul explains doctrinal truths directly relating to sin and righteousness, he outlines a foundation for godly behavior. Paul's letter is a valuable tool of correction and encouragement for believers—then and now—to be alert, firm, mature, strong, and loving.