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Little Bible - Red

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The super tiny Red My Little Bible contains glorious truths that fit in the palm of your hand! This little booklet highlights the best verses from each book of the Bible in the beautiful KJV text.


The red booklet features the title, and a cross is shiny gold foil on the front cover.

My Little Bible


The small booklet that measures roughly 2" by 2" contains key verses from every book of the Bible. It's definitely not the whole Bible, but rather the Bible in a nutshell. Key verses from the Old and New Testaments are followed by a thematic Scripture finder index that helps you find verses about specific topics. The book ends with a section explaining who you are in Christ.  The Bible verses are presented in the classic 1769 KJV text.


Use the Red My Little Bible as a daily reminder of your identity as a Christian, or use it to share the wonderful news of God's redemption with the world! The Red My Little Bible makes a perfect outreach tool when your ministry partners share the gospel on the street, but the Red My Little Bible will also delight kindergartners through second-graders as an end-of-year gift.