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Most say that if God were absolutely sovereign, human beings would be incapable of free and responsible choices. But is this what the Bible says?

Free will is a complex topic, but the Bible is clear: God’s absolute sovereignty exists alongside our free, responsible choices. Only one view, compatibilism, fully embraces this truth.

Making a fresh, scriptural case for compatibilism, Scott Christensen explains the issues involved and addresses arguments on both sides. His absorbing pastoral analysis will help you to develop a new appreciation for the role your choices play in God’s sovereign plans and to better understand the Bible’s views on evil and suffering, prayer, evangelism, sanctification, and more.

“A clear, intelligent, immensely helpful overview of one of the most confusing conundrums in all of theology. . . . Scott Christensen doesn’t sidestep the hard questions. The answers he gives are thoughtful, biblical, satisfying, and refreshingly coherent. Lay readers and seasoned theologians alike will treasure this work.”
—John F. MacArthur, Grace Community Church

“Careful in description and argument . . . eminently readable. . . . Most important of all, this book breathes a spirit of wonder and gratitude before the face of a God who is not only all-powerful but good.”
—Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary California

“Many think that free will is the silver-bullet answer to some of theology’s most difficult questions. But do we have a free will? Short answer: it depends on what you mean by ‘free.’ Long answer: read this book.”
—Andrew Naselli, Bethlehem College and Seminary

Scott Christensen (M.Div., The Master’s Seminary) is pastor of Summit Lake Community Church in Mancos, Colorado.