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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

Smashing Through Death's Door - Marshall J Alexander

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The reader will be in for an exciting ride in the thrilling story of Marshall Alexander, a seasoned pilot who miraculously survived a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. This story is so amazing that even the writers of Lost on ABC-TV couldn't have dreamed it up.

Smashing Through Death?s Door reveals God?s bigger plan for Marshall?s life and how the crash set that plan into motion. The reader will be left with a powerful message of eternal destiny.

"Foreword" by Ray Comfort, Founder/President/CEO, Living Waters Publications, and author of over 60 books.

Marshall Alexander is a retired Chief Financial Officer of a large regional financial institution. He has been and is an active volunteer in various Christian ministries. He has been involved in bus ministries, street evangelism, Royal Rangers, Sunday school, and group Bible studies. Marshall and his wife live in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and have been foster parents to over 25 children, and they have eight children, ages 36 to 13, five of whom have been adopted. At the time of his nearly fatal plane accident, he had been flying for 26 years.