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Check out the changes on our website. More to come!
Check out the changes on our website. More to come!

Better Together

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With so many obstacles arrayed against them, how can any couple hope to make it in today’s world?
Health issues. Financial pressures. Misunderstandings. Sexual brokenness. Societal confusion. As if these storms aren’t bad enough, Satan is specifically targeting Christian marriages.
When the winds howl and the rains fall, it is vital for every marriage to be secured against the tempests of life with strong anchor lines that keep your relationship thriving.
In Better Together, Pastor Duane Sheriff offers six trustworthy anchors to steady your marriage through inevitable storms. He will show you how to…

  •  Build or rebuild trust through unshakable commitment
  • Communicate in an effective, loving, and truthful way
  • Forgive your spouse and ask for forgiveness when needed
  • Get on the same page when it comes to money matters
  • Live out the biblical, complementary roles of husband and wife with confidence
  • Develop a healthy view of sex and romance that will draw you together, not tear you apart

 Plus, each chapter includes focused questions and action steps to help you live out these marital truths in reflective, intentional ways!
Marriage is an incredible gift when God is central to the relationship. And Better Together will deepen your understanding of godly principles that enable you to experience the oneness and strength God intends for your relationship!