Price Matching at Morning Star

Here’s a quick overview of our price-matching policy:

At Morning Star, we realize you can find some of our resources online at lower prices. The reason for this is simple! Many internet retailers have much lower overhead than we do. They don’t have to pay the rent, employees, and taxes that many physical stores do. The danger of shopping online is that you are sending your money to organizations out of state, thus making it impossible to improve your local economy!

We have a solution!

We will always do our best to keep prices low and competitive.  BUT if you see a lower price anywhere else, we will MATCH OR BEAT it for you!  This includes Amazon, CBD, and other competitors.

Price matching helps keep your neighbors employed and improves your local economy!  Let’s work together to change this region for Jesus!

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  1. Roger Duquette

    Do you have new dvd coming out? Meant to Be?

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