BRAND NEW Morning Star in the Hartford Area (Now Open)

 We are proud to announce our brand new location – now open in the Hartford Area.

At 6,000 square feet, it’s the largest Christian bookstore in Connecticut!

Take a look!

Hundreds of gift items in stock

Over 1,000 Bibles in stock at all times including harder to find Spanish Bibles, Roman Catholic Bibles and even Jewish translations of the scriptures!

 Thousands of CDs available including Hip Hop, Gospel, Southern Gospel, contemporary Christian music, Spanish, Worship, children’s, and much more!

We can emboss your Bible in the store, typically in under 10 minutes!

We’re always receiving new product to coordinate with the changing seasons.

We have nearly every variety of clergy shirt in stock, as well as a selection of robes

Large Hebraic gift area includes dozens of prayer shawls, books, hundreds of vials of anointing oil, and a variety of Shofars.

Large church resource area includes communionware, bulletins, certificates, pre-filled juice and wafer sets and much more!


  1. Karen McLellan

    Love your store in Danbury. Been there many times. Do you carry any CD’s by Harvest?

    • Hey Karen,
      Glad you love the store! Unfortunately we do not stock CD’s from them, as they are not available to bookstores. Hope this helps!

  2. Roger Duquette

    I took look at the new location in Manchester online and will to see that place for the first time. Went to Morning Star in Danbury long time ago but not a big store.Will looking forward to go to Manchester in two weeks. God bless.

  3. I love the Manchester store

  4. Love the picture of all the Hebraic stock you have. We need more of it, since there Messianic Jews being added to the Kingdom all the time.
    Ditto for people baptized in the Holy Spirit who are looking for books/teachings on the great spirit filled walk they are on.

  5. Sheila McCluster

    I love your store, I live in Enfield CT and there is no location close to me i have to drive to Hartford CT or West Springfileld MA. Enfield has a lot of christians and would love to have our own morning star store, without us having to drive so far to shop at your store, please consider our town as a future location. Thanks and keep god words available to all.

    Give God Glory!
    Sheila M. McCluster

  6. maryann fitch

    Love the books@
    Am a Baptized in the Holy Spirit believer.
    Interested in all things Charismatic & Pentecostal.
    Also love the books on Messianic Jews.
    Thank you!

  7. Since opening your new store in Manchester, CT, I have made several visits. You always have just what I need, and SO much more.The same salesperson has been there each time, the young man with the dreds. He is just SO kind, knowledgeable and helpful. He is very attentive to all the customers, acknowledging each one and takes the time to help anyone with anything! He’s a great conversationalist too! Great store/great employee! I’ll probably make a trip there on a weekly basis!! God Bless all of you for bringing His Word and “goods” to the Manchester area!

  8. I look forward to visiting!

  9. I visited your Manchester store today to buy church Christmas bulletins. What a lifesaver you are! They are needed this weekend for our Christmas program.
    I plan on coming back to browse both for myself and my church when I have more time.
    Thank you so much for your service to those of us living in the north central CT area.
    God bless!

  10. Just found out about this store! Will try to go there soon. Do you carry Catholic items?

  11. Rev. Neal D. Butler

    Will be coming bye soon. Thank you for opening in the area.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you busy with many new cus-

    tomers over many decades.


  12. I was introduced by a friend to this store where i bought my first bible and fell in love. It was just the greatest store ever. I bought my daughters and niece a bible tokwith their names engraved and they absolutely love it. The bible is kids friendsly and since i have twins i bought them a princess bible which they adore. We love this store.

  13. Found your website. Now to visit you. Looking forward to it!

  14. wish store in danbury comes back.

  15. new customer plan on visit soon the Manchester store

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