Morning Star is a contemporary, full service, Christian bookstore dedicated to glorifying God.  We are committed to bringing people to Christ and the fullness of life that is only found in Him.

1983 - first Morning Star in downtown Fitchburg, Massachusetts


Started in 1983 in a small store in downtown Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Morning Star has now grown to 6 locations in the northeast.

Our key qualities remain the same:  outstanding customer service, and a wide selection with great value.

Morning Star’s sole purpose is to expand God’s kingdom in the New England area. The northeast has always been a dark place in need of Christ, but unfortunately has been abandoned by many of the large Christian bookstore chains throughout the country.

Every year thousands of people who do not know Jesus nor would go near a church, step through our doors.  This gives us a chance to minister to hurting people from all walks of life, those who have never heard the Good News or know the freedom of a life that walks with God.

Morning Star provides resources for all Christian denominations.  From reformed theology to charismatic titles, Roman Catholic to Messianic Judaism, there is something for everyone at each location.

Our expert staff will help guide you to the right book, Bible, or CD, paying careful attention to your needs without trying to convince you to buy something you may not need.

You’ll love our wide selection of Bibles, artwork, gifts, apparel, church resources, prayer shawls, anointing oil, plus thousands of books, DVDs, and CDs.

Our prayer is that you would partner with us in spreading the Gospel throughout New England.  We realize sometimes it can be easier to click a few buttons on a computer to buy a book, but every dollar you spend at Morning Star helps keep a beacon of hope alight in your community.