You can’t find greeting cards with encouraging words of faith anywhere else. Morningstar has the best selection. Now I get my cards there for every occassion. Stop in and check them out!

Brent T

I have visited your Leominster, MA store twice so far and am so impressed with your selection of items. You have everything! I feel so inspired whenever I am in there. Your staff is also very friendly.

Francesca S

I shop the Nashua, NH store and I always find what I need and more. Great book selection, gift items, annointing oils and more!

Teresa P

A little background, I attend a church that has a great music ministry. They play every morning for us before the pastor provides us with the day’s message. This music led me to understand, accept and follow Jesus.
I found your store compliments my needs of all three!
I enjoy shopping and picking out gifts for others and myself at the Auburn store.
Quite the best selection and can always find something.

Sheryl G

I enjoy the North Attleboro, MA store very much! I always make it a priority to stop in there and shop.

Lorraine B

We shop at Morning Star’s West Springfield store and the staff is wonderful, very pleasant and helpful. The store has a great inventory of various items, DVD’s, CD’s, Books, Placards, Jewelry and much more.

John Richard

It is so exciting to have a wholesome store that I can bring my kids to. When I was younger, it was easier to find a somewhat local Christian book store, but present day they seem few and far between!

April Carter

Having grown up across the river in Springfield Mass, I left in 1984 as an unsaved (was another non-protestant denomination) young man for the Air Force. Returning home to visit my Mom several times over the last year, let me just say that your store is a “City on a Hill”, shining it’s light in what’s become a very dark New England. Hard to believe that not 25 minutes from your West Springfield Location, the first Great Awakening lead by Jonathan Edwards (Northampton Church) and George Whitfield say Christ exalted and people saved. This past Monday, I stood in your store, purchasing a birthday gift for my Mom who I visited over the last several days (I now live in Virginia)…and God impressed upon my heart to buy the ESV Study Bible (and it was nice that the Lord had you place it on sale!) for a friend who I was staying with and witnessed to over the years, with no fruit…he and I sat in a Friendly’s in East Longmeadow, him sharing how he knows he’s going to heaven based on his works…I shared what the Bible says, but he says he doesn’t believe all of it and kept questioning the Old Testament stories. He has a hardened heart. Anyways, I left the Bible in the room he allowed me to stay in while visiting my Mom, and here was his text I received after I was halfway home…”Thank you for the beautiful book. I will read it from the beginning to the end or my end.” Praying that God’s Word and God Himself will save my friend…thanks so much for being that light! See you next time I’m home! God bless!

Bill G.

This place is amazing. I struggle with anxiety and every time I come here I become inspired. The scriptures come alive on all of the pictures on the walls, etc. my fiancé and I made a list of all the pictures we will be purchasing in the near future to decorate our future home. Thank you for being a light to the community!

Jacleen C.

I was at the Leominster store. I went on August 30, 2018 and the manager couldn’t have been anymore helpful than he was. I was on crutches and when I entered the store, he offered me the use of the Walker at the front door. Looking at it now, it probably would have been easier for him because he carried what I was considering buying to the register. But he didn’t even complain. I still have a good feeling about the visit even today. He went and found the soundtrack to War Room and ordered the soundtrack to Fireproof. He offered to carry the bag to the car, held the door as I left the store, I had said that I had a prayer request and he took out a book AND WROTE IT DOWN!!! I am very pleased with both visits I have made to the store. Last month, I went because I was newly on crutches, had to elevate my left foot and the staff even then was so kind. I was getting bored at home and needed some movies to watch. I love your store. It is like going home. I just wanted to tell you how much I like it there and how nice your staff is. They couldn’t do enough to help. I appreciate them.¬†

Heidi D.

Its really refreshing to go into a store and not only see beauty and order, but to feel at peace and be greeted with love and kindness. As a Christian it’s hard to find books that not only teaches you but it teaches the children. I got more than I expected. It went from books to music, gifts, clothes, etc. It was like finding a diamond. I’ve live in Springfield for over 15 years and never knew what the store was or contained when passing it at West Springfield. I’m only sorry it took so long to visit it but I will continue going.

Lismarie O.

"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and Offspring of David, and the Bright Morning Star"

- Revelation 22:16